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Combat Sports

Combat Sports - Defence Lab Halifax


DL COMBAT SPORTS arises from the idea of developing the attributes and skills that allow us to improve all aspects of each fighting discipline.

For this reason, two different types of training (fighters and students) were created to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn the best methods that exist in combat sports.


The programme is based on the traditional Thai Boxing system, which displays the best and most effective fighting drills. Its main focuses are endurance, power, continuous improvement, as well as discovering the culture and legendary tradition.


“Transmit the knowledge of tradition, culture and history of Muay Thai.”

As a Nak Muay (student of Muay Thai), learning the background of the Thai boxing culture is important to truly understand what the martial art is all about.

Besides understanding the ceremonial dance known as the wai kru ram muay, it’s also important to know about the rules, history, pre-fight rituals, and traditions that make this sport so unique.

Our vision

is that “DL Combat Sports” is widely recognized as an outstanding training programme in the worldwide Thai Boxing community.



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