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How To Be a Better Martial Artist Within 28 Days

    How To Become a Good Martial Artist Within 28 Days Sounds too good to be true isn’t it, become better at something within 28 days. Well, let me assure you that you can become not only better but vastly improved in a few weeks. Wait, hold on. I am saying that you can […]

Accelerated Skill- How Defence Lab Students Develop Skill Faster Than Average

So here I was a few weeks ago at the Defence Lab Instructor training weekend when I saw a guy training. His movement looked really sharp, shifting shapes like a true veteran but his face didn’t look very familiar to me and I wondered why I hadn’t seen him before? I got asking some of […]

A fresh new look!

Defence lab Halifax’s website has had a bit of a face lift! But don’t worry, we still provide the same great level of service and offer the highest standards. There are lots more new and exciting things to come, watch this space!